Students participated in the “Workshop for Interdisciplinary Global Engineers 2014”

“Workshop for Interdisciplinary Global Engineers” was held at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and ETH Zurich from September 16 to September 25, 2014.  The workshop was organized as one of the programs supported by the Japanese government’s “Re-Inventing Japan Project” aiming to establish and implement high-quality collaborative educational programs with the world’s top-level universities.  The student delegation consisted of 16 Master’s students from the School of Engineering with different backgrounds; Civil Engineering, Architecture, Urban Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Precision Engineering, Systems Innovation, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Applied Physics, Materials Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Chemical System Engineering, Chemistry and Biotechnology, Nuclear Engineering and Management, Bioengineering, and Technology Management for Innovation. 


In the workshop, students attended lectures and participated in active discussions with students and researchers from the host universities.  They also visited laboratories in their areas of interest.  The participants experienced campus life and research environment at top-level European universities. 


Students’ Report (PDF掲載)