The 29th Graduate School of Engineering Technical Symposium

October 2, the 29th Graduate School of Engineering Technical Symposium was held. 59 people Graduate School of Engineering, 44 people in UTokyo campuses, 18 people outside the university, total 121 people participated. First, Mamoru Mitsuishi Dean was greeted, and in addition to "the grand design of engineering and this practice " special lecture by Department of Urban Engineering Professor Noboru Harata, there were 2 exchanges presentations, 4 invited presentations, 6 general presentations, and 11 poster presentations, 3 exhibitions has been carried out. Prizes were awarded subsequently, Department of Electrical Engineering and information systems Mr. Noboru Takahashi won the Dean Award, Department of Architecture Mr. Masamichi Tamura and Department of Systems Innovation Mr. Mogi Katsuro won the Technical Director Award, Measurement and Control Technology Group won the Poster Award, Mr. Toshikazu Moroyama, Mr. Yoshiharu Hamana, Mr. Takeo Okunuki, Mr. Masanao Sekine, Mr. Makoto Suzuki, Mr. Katsuro Mogi, Mr. Kazuhiko Yamazaki, Ms. Michiko Ikariyama.

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