The 4th EEIP Workshop (March 11) 

This workshop has been cancelled due to a concern about a possible outbreak of COVID-19.

The 4th Workshop on Bio-Inspired Energy-Efficient Information Systems

This workshop will be held on 11 March, 2020 at Sanjo Conference Hall
in Hongo campus of The University of Tokyo. The workshop consists
of four talks by researchers from various research fields (modelling,
optics, electronic devices, applications), aiming at addressing and
discussing critical issues for implementing bio-inspired energy-efficient
information systems.

Date: March 11 (Wed), 2020, 13:00-16:30
Place: Sanjo Conference Hall, Hongo campus, The University of Tokyo
Organizers: EEIP-SCP, IIIEE, The University of Tokyo
Web site: http://park.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/EEIP-SCP/workshop20200311/index.html
Registration fee: free (pre-registration is not necessary.)

- Gouhei Tanaka (The University of Tokyo)
"Energy Efficient Computing with Recurrent Neural Networks"
- Toshiyuki Yamane (IBM Research - Tokyo)
"Industrial Applications of Physical Reservoir Computing"
- Jean Benoit Heroux (IBM Research – Tokyo)
"Photonic Implementations of Reservoir Computing"
- Ryosho Nakane (The University of Tokyo)
"On-Chip Spin-Wave-Based Device for Machine-Learning Data Processing"

Contact: eeipws2020@webpark1846.sakura.ne.jp