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Request for the Application Forms

Request for the Graduate School Application Forms

Before requesting application forms, applicants are advised to contact the corresponding department and ascertain availability of an appropriate supervisor.

To request application forms and associated materials, applicants should post a letter with the request form filled in all points and prepare to effective way for reply as down below. (Different from domestic or not)

If your sending address is outside Japan, please enclose sufficient IRC(International Reply Coupons, 1 piece of IRC =130 yen) with the request form. We will send the application form by EMS(Express Mail Service).
Our weight of application forms and materials is about 500grams. The cost depends on the area where you receive(1,100-2,100yen(9-17sheets). Please confirm here (the rate from Japan post) before sending it.

If your sending address is in Japan, you need 380-yen stamps. Please enclose the request formand a stamped (380-yen stamps) envelope (240mm×332mmsize) for self-addressed return. If you need to receive our reply by express delivery, please enclose extra sufficient amount of stamp for it. Also, please write“速達”on the reply envelope with red ink.

Please be aware that we will not be able to send the application form if the amount of stamp (or IRC) is insufficient for reply.


Contact address:
Graduate School Team, Administrative Division,
School of Engineering, University of Tokyo
Engineering building No.8 1F, 7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656,

E-mail: daigakuin.t[at]
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