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Application Procedures

Application Procedures

Before obtaining application forms, applicants are advised to contact the corresponding department and ascertain availability of an appropriate supervisor.

Online Application  System

Admission Application Form Creator for The 2020 Doctoral Program

  • Launch Doctoral Program(Application Form) for Regular Admission, Application Schedule B
  • ※1 Please prepare the "Guidelines for Applicants" and the "Guide to Entrance Examinations" for the department of your choice in advance, and ensure you have adequately reviewed the contents of the "Guidelines for Applicants" and the "Guide to Entrance Examinations" for the department of your choice.
  • ※2 If you just enter your application information from the admission application form creator, your application will not be accepted. The application will be accepted upon the arrival of the application documents by postal mail.
  • ※3 If you do not know how to write your name in KATAKANA, please visit the site below, which provides further information on
    Katakana usage:

Online Application Procedure

1.Prepare what you need for your application
Please check the "Guidelines for Applicants" and prepare what you need for the application.
This may include certificates such as transcripts, etc.; envelopes; photograph data; and proof of payment for your examination fee (See 3. below).
Depending on the department, you may be required to submit documents other than the above, so please be sure to check the "Guide to Entrance Examinations" for the department of your choice.
You will also need a color printer for printing your address labels, entrance application, picture card, etc.

2.Enter and check the details of your application
Please upload photograph data to the admission application form creator. There is no need to submit photograph data on a CD-ROM or anything like that.

3.Pay the examination fee

(For Overseas Applicants)
How to make a Payment of Examination Fee by Credit Card

(For Domestic Applicants)
How to make Payment of Examination Fee at

4.Submit the application documents by post
Affix an address label to the envelope and submit the required documents by post in accordance with the instructions provided in the "Guidelines for Applicants".