Distinguished University Professor Yoshinori Tokura elected Foreign Member of the Royal Society


On 10th May 2023, Distinguished University Professor Yoshinori Tokura, Department of applied physics, elected Foreign Member of the Royal Society. The ceremony will take place on July 14.




Foreign Member of the Royal Society

The Royal Society has a history dating back to 1660, and Fellows and Foreign Members include the world’s most eminent scientists who are elected for life to the Royal Society through a peer review process on the basis of excellence of science. There are currently approximately 1,800 Fellows and Foreign Members, which include 85 Nobel Laureates. Each year, up to 52 Fellows and up to 10 Foreign Members are elected from around 800 candidates who are proposed by the existing Fellowship.


About awarded research

Prof. Tokura has developed guiding principles to design a new class of materials called strongly correlated electron systems that can give rise to ultrafast responses to external stimuli by controlling electrons in solids efficiently, thereby bringing new concepts into, and leading, the field of solid state physics. He has also attained many original achievements regarding development of correlated electron materials and novel electronic functions, and has constructed quantum science of solid state physics.


Your impression & future plan

I am very honored to have been selected as a Foreign Member of the Royal Society. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the students, collaborators, colleagues, and professors who have supported me in my research. I would also like to continue to do my best for the development of condensed matter physics.


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