Shingo Honda (D2) , Department of Bioengineering, received Student Poster Award in SLAS2020


Shingo Honda (D2),  Noji Lab, Department of Bioengineering, received Student Poster Award in SLAS2020 held in San Diego U.S. from 25th to 29th January 2020.

The Award recognizes the innovative research by students, graduate students, post-doctoral associates, and junior faculty and Top 3 poster presenter out of more than 300 are chosen.



<About awarded research>

Title: Air-Sealed Multi-Dimensional (MD) Digital Assay for Detection of Inhibitor-Resistant Influenza Virus

In our study, we developed a technology to detect rare influenza virus showing resistance against neuraminidase inhibitor (NAI, most common medication for flu infection) in single-virus resolution.

Super early-stage and sensitive detection of mutant influenza viruses showing resistance against NAIs are currently crucial to prevent pandemics. In our previous study, we succeeded in the detection of individual influenza viruses in single-virus resolution, by encapsulating them into micron-sized reactors. However, it still remains difficult to identify NAI resistant population from them as we require another technology to analyze them on a series of conditions focusing on a specific virus particle. In this study, we established "Multi-Dimensional (MD) Digital Assay Technology", which enables multi-dimensional assay on individual encapsulated viruses by virus immobilization and optimized way of sealing. With the technology, we successfully detected the candidates for NAI resistant virus population.


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I do appreciate Professor Noji and the lab members for all their advice and support. This award encouraged me a lot to keep developing another innovative technology to drive science.