【Dean’s Recent News】


On December 10, 2018, representatives from Chung Yuan Christian University visited School of Engineering to discuss about strengthen relationships and further collaborations.

Chung Yuan Christian University


From Left: Associate Prof. Toru Wakihara, Lecturer Ken Momose, Associate Prof. Yu-Tzu Huang (Department of Environmental Engineering), Prof. Madoka Takai, Prof. Yukihiro Shimogaki (Special Adviser to the Dean), Dean Tatsuya Okubo (School of Engineering), Distinguished Prof. and Dean Tsair-Wang Chung (R&D Center for Membrane Technology), Associate Prof. and Associate Dean Ta-Chin Wei (Department of Chemical Engineering, and Office of International and Cross-Strait Education), Distinguished Prof. Kueir-Rarn Lee (Honorary Director of R&D Center for Membrane Technology), Associate Prof. Wei-Ren Liu (Department of Chemical Engineering), Distinguished Prof. Yung Chang (Director of R&D Center for Membrane Technology)