Kota Kakiuchi (M2), Department of System Innovation, won Best paper in The 10th International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo), 2018


Kota Kakiuchi (M2), Department of System Innovation, won Best paper in the 10th International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo), 2018.(Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia)The award is given to the most excellent paper in the conference.



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Title:「Influence of Selective Exposure to Viewing Contents Diversity」

Personalization, including both self-selected and pre-selected, is inevitable when tremendous amounts of media content are available. Personalization, which is believed to cause people to consume fewer diverse contents, can lead to fragmentation and polarization in society. Therefore, it is important to investigate the diversity of consumed contents over time. In this paper, first, we propose a framework to measure and analyze how the diversity of the consumed contents of users changes over time. In our framework, we introduce a new metric to measure content diversity based on our redefinition of diversity. Then, we investigate the relationship between selective exposure and content diversity changes using our framework and examine what factors encourage people to consume contents that are more diverse. We find that people autonomously consume more diverse contents from a macro-perspective without an external influence, suggesting that people are less likely to be fragmented and polarized, although from a micro-perspective they consume limited contents. We also obtain evidence that users who consume highly ambiguous contents tend to increase the diversity of their consumed contents.

It was a great pleasure and honor to participate in the conference and win Best Paper Award. I will keep working hard on my research.