2017 Farewell Party for Retiring Professors of School of Engineering (March 8, 2018)


On Thursday, March 8th, the School of Engineering held a farewell party for retiring professors in the exhibition room of engineering building #2. Twenty Professors are retiring at the end of fiscal year of 2017: Eleven professors (Prof. Koichi Maekawa(Dept. of Civil Eng.), Prof. Hitoshi Kuwamura (Dept. of Architecture), Prof. Takeshi Ito (Dept. of Architecture), Prof. Keisuke Fujii (Dept. of Architecture), Prof. Yukio Nishimura (Dept. of Urban Eng.), Prof. Atsushi Oshiyama (Dept. of Applied Physics), Prof. Koichi Yamashita (Dept. of Chemical System Eng.), Prof. Teruyuki Nagamune (Dept. of Chemistry and Biotechnology), Prof. Kazurou Kageyama (Dept. of Technology Management for Innovation), Prof. Kunihiro Asada (Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Prof. Yoichiro Kawaguchi (Dept. of Systems Innovation) ) and forty-one professors of the School of Engineering participated in the party.

Moderated by Prof. Yasuyuki Sakai, Chair of Dept. of Chemical System Engineering, the party was opened with remarks by Prof. Kazumitsu Nawata, Chair of Dept. of Systems Innovation, and followed with addresses from Prof. Tatsuya Okubo, Dean of the School of Engineering. After a toast by Prof. Kunihiko Hidaka (Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems), conversation started.

Prof. Tatsuya Okubo, Dean of the School of Engineering, presented a medal to the retiring professors, which is newly designed and manufactured by the School of Engineering. Each of the retiring professors made a speech. Prof. Akira Furusawa, Vice-dean of the School of Engineering conveyed the sincere thanks to the retiring professors, followed by ending remark by Prof. Makoto Ikeda, Chair of Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Then, the party ended with a warm atmosphere.

Reported by: Satoshi Izumi (Chair of Dept. of Mechanical Eng.)


Group Photo

Commemorative Medal

MC: Prof. Sakai             

Opening speech from Prof. Nawata

Speech from Dean Okubo

Farewell message from Vice-dean Furusawa

Closing speech from Prof. Ikeda