Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka and his Hodoyoshi Project Team received “Prime Minister Award” under Space Development and Utilization Awards


On March 20, 2018, Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and his Hodoyoshi Project Team received “Prime Minister Award” with the title “Contributions to Micro-satellite Industrialization and International Collaborations through Hodoyoshi Project”

One of the project in the “First Program of Cabinet Office” called “Hodoyoshi Project,” lead by Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka, received the above award of 2017 together with Hodoyoshi Project Team. This project was highly evaluated because of its big contributions to recent advancement of micro-satellites in Japan, by wide range of accomplishments including developments of advanced technologies, space industrialization through creation of venture companies and markets, and facilitation of international collaborations.


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Micro/nano/pico-satellites have been making big “Game Change” through their strong features of low cost and quick development, which now have become a big trend in space development and utilization scene, even replacing mid- or large-satellite missions. Based on the outcomes of Hodoyoshi Project, we will seek for stronger capabilities in various aspects, including not only technologies but also their applications, with which we can compete with the world.

Low cost (less than 3M$), quick (less than 2 years) development satellite bus of 50kg class was established, and all the components required for this bus can now be obtained within Japan. Several advanced components which have high “performance per size” have been developed including high speed X-band transmitter. Optical systems’ technologies including 2.5m GSD optical camera, “a-thermal apochromatic telescope,” image compensation method and adaptive optics, have been developed, part of which were demonstrated in space. ISO standardization of micro/nano/pico satellite ground tests has been approved by accumulation of large number of satellite test results. A world first non-movable, phased array type ground station has been demonstrated, which contributed to creation of a venture company.