Dean’s Award 2017 was announced on February 22, 2018


On 22nd of February, 2018, School of Engineering announced the following honorees for Dean’s Award 2017. Those who made significant contributions and achievements in following categories were recognized and be awarded in fiscal year 2017.


Koichi Kato, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture
Masaki Sekino, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems
Daichi Chiba, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Physics
Shinsuke Sando, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology


Yumiko Furuichi, Associate Professor, Japanese Language Class, Institute for Innovation in International Engineering Education


【Special Recognition】
Hidetoshi Katori, Professor, Department of Applied Physics
Makoto Fujita, Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry
Yasuhiro Kato, Professor, Frontier Research Center for Energy and Resources, Department of System Innovation


Group pictures  


Assoc. Prof. Koichi Kato Assoc. Prof. Masaki Sekino
Assoc. Prof. Daichi Chiba Prof. Shinsuke Sando


Assoc. Prof. Yumiko Furuichi



Prof. Hidetoshi Katori Prof. Makoto Fujita
Prof. Yasuhiro Kato  


Remarks from Prof. Okubo,Dean of School of Engineering


Speech from Prof. Makoto Fujita as a representative of honorees