Professor Kunihiko Hidaka wins The Prime Minister Commendation for Persons of Safety Merits


Professor Kunihiko Hidaka, Department of Electronic Engineering and Information Systems, wins The Prime Minister Commendation for Persons of Safety Merits.

The Prime Minister commends persons who create a memorable performance for public safety in the field of industrial safety, traffic safety, fire prevention and industrial accident prevention and so on.


Prof. Hidaka has taken the lead in research activities in the field of electrical safety and made a huge contribution to it, and has produced many highly capable human-resources.
He also made achievement in the international standardization of Japanese electric power technologies.
Furthermore, as a chairperson or a member of government councils and committees of commercial standard, he has played a leading role in enactment of standard.

In the field of high voltage where electrical safety and security are of extreme importance, I would like to continue to do my best to educate students and do research activities.


I am ready to contribute to the improvement of electrical safety in the world as well as in Japan.