Ttime! is the biannual Faculty of Engineering PR brochure aimed at high school students, preparatory students, university students and teachers. A Faculty of Engineering student assistant conducts interviews and writes articles. It is written with the reader’s point of view in mind and provides substantial reading.



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The Publicity Assistant is responsible for everything from coverage to writing articles for the Faculty of Engineering Ttime! PR brochure. Working on feature articles showcasing the various departments will allow you to learn about the whole Faculty of Engineering in addition to your own department. As well as working on Ttime! you will assist with a variety of Faculty of Engineering activities, so you can meet a lot of people.


1. Creation of the School of Engineering's PR magazine "Ttime!"
Ttime! is a public relations magazine of the School of Engineering published for high schools, prep schools, and students of the University of Tokyo.
Student assistants do everything from planning and interviewing to article writing and proofreading.
The magazine is distributed at the Hongo campus by the offices of each department in the School of Engineering, and is also posted on the School of Engineering's website. It is also distributed to students at various events.

2. Creation of articles for "Ttime!Web"
In addition to booklets, Ttime! also writes articles online.
Ttime! Web, which includes articles introducing each department and other information not covered in the brochure.

If you are interested in creating web pages, please contact us!



This web page is managed by the Public Relations Assistant of the School of Engineering.

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Ttime! Back Issue

  • 2021 Winter English Edition

    Where Engineer is born

  • 2021 Summer English Edition

    Classes at FOE
    Classroom Lectures / Seminars / Creative Engineering Projects

  • 2020 Winter English Edition

    Engineering across Borders
    ・Map of All 16 Faculty of Engineering Departments ・Inter-departmental Interviews ・Comparative Departmental Interviews ・Faculty of Engineering×Faculty of AgricultureInter-faculty Interview

  • 2020 Summer English Edition

    Candid insights into researchers and students!
    ①Supporting Human Life ② Controlling the Movement of Objects ③ Expanding IT Possibilities ④ Viewing Materials at the Micro Level ⑤ Designing Functional Materials

  • 2019 Winter English Edition

    The Future Spresd from Engineering
    Connect with the World. / Connect with Industry. / Connect with a Doctoral Degree Course. / What Paths are Open to Engineering Graduates? / Answers to Employment Questions! / Connect with Society.

  • 2019 Summer English Edition

    Engineering Viewpoints from 5 Fields of Study
    ① Supporting Human Life ② Controling the Movement of Objects ③ Expanding IT Possibilities ④ Viewing Materials at the Micro Level⑤ Designing Functional Materials