Compact and scalable polarimetric self-coherent receiver using a dielectric metasurface



Go Soma, Yoshiro Nomoto, Toshimasa Umezawa, Yuki Yoshida, Yoshiaki Nakano, and Takuo Tanemura



Polarimetric self-coherent systems using direct-detection-based Stokes-vector receivers (SVRs) are a promising technology to meet both the cost and capacity requirements of short-reach optical interconnects. However, conventional SVRs require a number of optical components to detect the state of polarization at high speed, resulting in substantially more complicated receiver configurations compared with the current intensity-modulation–direct-detection counterparts. Here, we demonstrate a simple and compact polarimetric self-coherent receiver based on a thin dielectric metasurface and a photodetector array (PDA). With a single 1.05-µm-thick metasurface device fabricated on a compact silicon-on-quartz chip, we implement functionalities of all the necessary passive components, including a 1×3 splitter, three polarization beam splitters with different polarization bases, and six focusing lenses. Combined with a high-speed PDA, we demonstrate self-coherent transmission of 20-GBd 16-ary quadrature amplitude modulation and 50-GBd quadrature phase-shift keying signals over a 25-km single-mode fiber. Owing to the surface-normal configuration, it can easily be scaled to receive spatially multiplexed channels from a multicore fiber or a fiber bundle, enabling compact and low-cost receiver modules for future highly parallelized self-coherent systems.