DualCheck: Exploiting Human Verification Tasks for Opportunistic Online Safety Microlearning


Ryo Yoshikawa, Hideya Ochiai, Koji Yatani


Learning online safety and ethics is becoming more critical for the general user population. However, they do not receive such learning opportunities regularly, and are often left behind. We were therefore motivated to design an interactive system to provide more frequent learning opportunities to the general user population. This paper presents our explorations on the integration of opportunistic microlearning about online safety and ethics into human verification. Our instantiation of this concept, called DualCheck, asks users to respond to questions related to online safety and ethics while human verification would be executed in a similar manner to reCAPTCHA v2. In this manner, DualCheck offers users microlearning opportunities when they use online services. Our 15-day user study confirmed the positive learning effect of DualCheck. The quantitative and qualitative results revealed participants' positive experience with attitude toward DualCheck, and also found its significantly higher perceived usability than text-based CAPTCHA and picture-based reCAPTCHA.

USENIX Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security: