Low-Energy Excitations of Skyrmion Crystals in a Centrosymmetric Kondo-Lattice Magnet: Decoupled Spin-Charge Excitations and Nonreciprocity


Rintaro Eto, Rico Pohle, and Masahito Mochizuki

We theoretically study spin and charge excitations of skyrmion crystals stabilized by conduction-electron-mediated magnetic interactions via spin-charge coupling in a centrosymmetric Kondo-lattice model by large-scale spin-dynamics simulations combined with the kernel polynomial method. We reveal clear segregation of spin and charge excitation channels and nonreciprocal nature of the spin excitations governed by the Fermi-surface geometry, which are unique to the skyrmion crystals in centrosymmetric itinerant hosts and can be a source of novel physical phenomena.

Physical Review Letters: