Flight Status of Micro deep-space explorer “PROCYON” : Associate Professor Ryu Funase, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics


The University of Tokyo and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) received signals from the Micro deep-space explorer “PROCYON” at 8:51p.m. on December 3, 2014 (Japan Standard Time), to confirm it had been inserted into the scheduled interplanetary orbit. This is now in initial operaion phase. PROCYON was launched by the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 26 as a secondary payload of the Asteroid Explorer “Hayabusa2 at 1:22:04 p.m.(JST) on Dec. 3, 2014 from the Tanegashima Space Center.”


Overview of the Micro Deep-space Explorer “PROCYON”

Mission Outline

Demonstration of micro-spacecraft bus system for deep space exploration including communication system and attitude and orbit control system.

It will also demonstrate various deep space exploration technologies including asteroid close flyby observation.


H 630 × W 550 × D 550 mm  / Mass about 65 kg

Development Organizations

The University of Tokyo/JAXA

Cooperative organization for operation

Tokyo University of Science/Hokkaido University/Meisei University/Rikkyo University, and others