Daiwa Securities Group and the University of Tokyo Initiate Social Cooperation Program - Initiating research collaboration to develop next-generation financial services using forefront technology


This document is an unofficial translation of a press release announced on May 21. 2018 by Daiwa  Securities Group Inc., Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd., Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd., Daiwa Institute of Research Holdings Ltd. and School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. The original press release is in Japanese.

On April 1 2018, Daiwa Securities Group including Daiwa Securities Group Inc. (President and CEO: Seiji Nakata) and the University of Tokyo (President: Makoto Gonokami) established a social cooperation program (the Program) entitled "Next Generation Investment Technology" at School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo and initiated research collaboration. Under the Program, researchers from Daiwa Securities Group and the University of Tokyo will work in collaboration to advance the frontier of financial technology.

The Program was established to develop innovative investment technologies with the aim to contribute to economic and quality-of-life improvements through collaborative research, while also addressing broader societal issues faced by households, government, and the economy.  Daiwa Securities Group believes that such digital transformation initiatives are essential to achieve the goals set out in our Medium-Term Management Plan - "Passion for the Best" 2020.

Research and development under the Program will focus on novel data analysis methods and transformative technologies that will lead next-generation financial services. Additionally, the Program seeks to provide students at the University of Tokyo with exposure to real business applications, foster creative problem-solving in a professional setting, and create a human resource platform for future finance professionals.

On April 2017, Daiwa Securities Group and the University of Tokyo established the "Daiwa Securities Group・the University of Tokyo Future Finance Forum” (the Forum) in order to jointly explore the applications of FinTech in mitigating the impact of various societal problems to the future of the financial industry. At the Forum, professionals from Daiwa Securities Group and researchers from the University of Tokyo held seven day-long sessions to establish common themes for the future of both the society at large and for the financial industry, come to a better understanding of the status quo, and compile an agenda for the future.  The Program will further leverage the knowledge and insights gained from the Forum and form the foundation of a collaborative research platform aimed at creating real-world solutions to improve quality of life and health of the economy.

This collaboration marks the beginning of a long-term commitment by Daiwa Securities Group and the University of Tokyo to work together in advancing the frontier of financial technology and develop leaders in financial innovation.

【Outline of the Program】
Course title: Next Generation Investment Technology
Location: School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
Term: April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2021
Lecturers: Professor Kiyoshi Izumi (joint appointment: Social Cooperation Program and Department of Systems Innovation); Hiroki Sakaji, Project Lecturer; Hirosuke Matsushima, Project Research Associate

【Daiwa Securities Group Companies Participating in the Program】
Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.
Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd.
Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.
Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation Ltd.