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- Assistant Dean, School of Engineering
Professor, Department of Applied Physics


Research summary

Aiming to pioneer the cutting edge of quantum physics that spans both physics and applied physics, we conduct advanced research to establish fundamental physical principles for next-generation electronic technology, design and develop nanostructures and materials that bring out quantum mechanical properties, and study the physics of quantum properties of these materials.

Specifically, we are pioneering the state-of-the-art technological basis of spintronics using spin currents, energy conversion and nano-machines using spin; basic research on quantum electronic properties by applying spintronics technology; and information physics by using quantum spin dynamics.




B.S. in Applied Physics, University of Tokyo.
M.S. in Applied Physics, University of Tokyo.
Ph.D. in Applied Physics, University of Tokyo, work supervised by Prof.  Y. Tokura.
2001.4 - 2006.3
Assistant Professor at Department of Physics, Keio University.
2006.4 - 2009.3
Lecturer at Department of Applied Physics, Keio University.
2009.4 - 2018.3
Full Professor at Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University.
2012.4 - 2018.3
Full Professor, Principal Investigator at WPI-AIMR, Tohoku University.
2018.4 - present
Professor at Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo.

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