Foreign Research Students

Admissions Information for Graduate School (Foreign Research Students)

The International Research Students Program ("Kenkyu sei" in Japanese) in School of Engineering is a non-degree postgraduate program for foreign students who wish to study in a specific research subject under a supervising professor in his/her laboratory at graduate school level.

Admission for this program is evaluated by application documents without an entrance examination. If your application is accepted in a professor’s laboratory, you will receive a one year-position at the School of Engineering. After the initial year, if you want to continue research as an International Research Student, you are able to extend your position for one more year with the agreement of your supervisor and the completion of extension procedures. Please note that this program does not provide degrees or any qualifications upon the completion of study.

Normally, students enter this program to prepare for the entrance examination for the general admission of graduate school (Master Degree Course or Doctor Degree Course). Research students can take the Japanese language classes at the School of Engineering.

As a self-supporting student, tuition should be paid in full to the university. The enrollment of this program starts in April or in October each year. For details, please refer to the following URL;

To enroll as an international research student under Japanese government scholarship (MEXT Scholarship), special admission application through the University of Tokyo is available.

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