Enrolling as a Komaba Student, Auditing Student, or Transfer Student

To those wishing to study at the Faculty of Engineering

This information is for those wishing to enroll as Komaba students, transfer students, etc.

Enrolling as a Komaba Student

From basic science to manufacturing, biotechnology, technology management, and even social systems, the areas covered by engineering are becoming increasingly complicated. While engineering encompasses basic science, it is also strongly linked with society. Studying engineering means appreciating cutting-edge science while experiencing modern society, acquiring the ability to comprehend society and acquiring specific knowledge enable change the future in a positive manner. We hope you will study at the Faculty of Engineering and join in the creation of a new society.


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Enrolling as an Auditing Student or Transfer Student

Those wishing to enroll as an auditing student or research student, or those wishing to transfer into the Faculty of Engineering from a technical college or the like, or those who wish to enroll in an undergraduate student, please refer to the corresponding page.