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Application Guidelines

Information about how to apply for The 2020 Master's and Doctoral Program

 Starting in April 2019, application for the Graduate School of Engineering Entrance Examination will be conducted online. You will need to complete the entrance application form via the admission application form creator. The “Admission Application Guidelines” booklet was discontinued, so please find the guidelines on this website and download them.

- Admission Application Form Creator


The 2020 Doctoral (Application Schedule B) Program of the Graduate School of Engineering -For Applicants To the April 2020-

Doctoral Program

(Application Schedule B, Regular Admission)


Guidelines for Applicants


Guide to Entrance Examinations

* Departments that accept applications during Application Schedule B of Regular Admission for the Doctoral Program are as follows: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Precision Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Department of Applied Chemistry, Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Department of Bioengineering.

* After creating the application form on the Admission Application Form Creator, the application will be officially reviewed upon the physical arrival of the application documents.

Admission Application Form Creator

【Application Schedule】November 19 (Tuesday) to November 28 (Thursday), 2019 [If the application is postmarked on the envelope by November 28 (Thursday), it will be accepted as long as it arrives by December 2 (Monday).]

   If you just enter your application information from the admission application form creator, your application will not be accepted. The application will be accepted upon the arrival of the application documents by postal mail. 

- Admission Application Form Creator

Notice regarding Foreign-language (English) Examinations in 2020 - For Applicants To the September 2019 or April 2020-

English test (TOEFL) for persons with disabilities

 If persons with disabilities are planning to apply, a TOEFL for persons with disabilities will be prepared at ETS; so please contact ETS yourself in advance, take the TOEFL for persons with disabilities according to the instructions, and obtain a score before you apply. You may then use that score when you apply.

 For details, please contact the Office of Graduate School of Engineering. However, for the Advanced Science and Technology Innovator Development Course in the Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, please contact the Office of Educational and Research Support's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology.

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