Faculty of Engineering Best Teaching Award -AY2020-

One aspect of faculty development at the Faculty of Engineering is the Best Teaching Award, appropriately named to recognize a faculty member in each department demonstrating superior leadership qualities and whose instruction is highly effective, or faculty member implementing devised or improved educational techniques or demonstrating outstanding educational effectiveness. The Faculty of Engineering Commendation Committee uses course standard evaluation results taken from the Faculty of Engineering Common Course Evaluation Questionnaire, which is completed by students in all common core subjects, to identify changes in scoring over the past three-year period that indicate a tangible improvement in instruction technique. Syllabus content and the like are also taken into consideration. A list of faculty members receiving the Best Teaching Award from the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Tokyo and their courses follows below.


The Faculty of Engineering promotes the continuous implementation of faculty development initiatives to improve educational standards. (Graduate School of Engineering, Planning Committee)

2020 Award Recipients   Title is as of the time of the award


Reasons for selection

Instruction Leadership: demonstrating superior leadership qualities in class and demonstrating highly effective instruction.

Educational Technique Improvement: implementing devised or improved educational techniques or demonstrating remarkable educational accomplishments.

Those deemed appropriate to receive the Best Teaching Award.

Civil Engineering KOMATSUZAKI Shunsaku, Associate Professor

Course title:国際プロジェクトのケーススタディ

Architecture  CHIBA Manabu, Professor

Course title:建築設計理論第一

Urban Engineering NAKAJIMA Naoto, Associate professor

Course title:都市計画史

Mechanical Engineering IZUMI Satoshi, Professor

Course title:材料力学第一

Mechano-informatics NARUMI Takuji, Associate professor

Course title:技術とコンテンツ

Precision Engineering MIMURA Hidekazu, Associate Professor

Course title:連続体力学応用

Information and Communication Engineering HASEGAWA Yoshihiko, Associate professor

Course title:プログラミング基礎演習

Electrical and Electronic Engineering TANEMURA Takuo, Associate professor

Course title:光電子工学I

Applied Physics INOUE Junichi, Visiting Lecturer

Course title:数学1B

Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics MAKINO Yasutoshi, Associate Professor

Course title:回路学第二

Materials Engineering  EJIMA Hirotaka, Associate Professor

Course title:数学及び演習

Applied Chemistry OSHIMA Masaharu, Visiting Lecturer

Course title:技術論

Chemistry and Biotechnology ITOH Yoshimitsu, Associate Professor

Course title:分子集合体化学

Systems Innovation YOSHIDA Yoshikuni, Professor

Course title:社会システム工学基礎 

Award Recipients of each year