Dean’s Message Upon Research Achievement Presentation 2021 of the Faculty of Engineering


As an opportunity to introduce the accomplishments of students’ activities to the public, the Faculty of Engineering Research Achievement Presentation 2021 will be held online, and I wish to share my thoughts upon this occasion.

I express my respect to the hard work and enthusiasm of the students of the Faculty of Engineering who continued calm dialogue, cared for their peers, never forgot their gratitude toward supporters, and never gave up, contributing to the success of this event despite many difficulties. Moreover, I welcome groups that are still preparing to participate.

There was much to learn from my interaction with students. I witnessed measures against COVID-19 that are more precise and reasonable than expected practiced by students preparing their presentation. I was also touched to hear the consideration expressed by participants toward fellow students who could not afford to participate.

Our slogan is “bringing human activity to nearly 100% of its capacity while containing the risk of infection to nearly 0.” Ceasing all activities to reduce risk of infection is not the ideal which engineering, a practical study, aims for. I believe that respecting diverse values, understanding the position and feelings of others, facing the conflict within ourselves, and working positively to the end believing in possibilities is what inclusiveness is about.

I ask our students to continue facing the challenges in the field of engineering by refining the practical and basic skills acquired through this presentation and with a flexible mind. Let us achieve a better society together.


Takao Someya
Dean, Faculty of Engineering