On 2th December 2021, Mayuko Akita (M2), Department of Chemistry&Biotechnology, received CSJ Poster Presentation Award 2021 for Excellent Research

CSJ Poster Presentation Award 2021 for Excellent Research
An awarded given to excellent poster presentation at the CSJ Chemistry Festa, based on the presenters' contribution to research, questions and answers, and originality.

About awarded research
Dietary fatty acids such as EPA and DHA are metabolized in the body and exhibit a variety of functions. In this study, we focused on 17,18-EpETE, a metabolite of EPA, which has anti-inflammatory effects. This molecule is readily converted in vivo. We investigated the structure-activity relationship of 17,18-EpETE focusing on GPR40 activation to develop biostable analogues. We also evaluated the anti-inflammatory activity in vivo and obtained promising analogues.

Your impression & future plan
I would like to express my gratitude to all the members of the Sando lab. for their continuous guidance and to my collaborators for conducting research with me. I will continue to devote myself to conducting interesting research on fatty acid metabolites from the viewpoint of chemistry.