【Deans’ Recent News】 Visit of University of Franche-Comte, Division of International Affaires

On December 6th, 2019, School of Engineering, UTokyo and College of Engineering, received a visit from University of Franche-Comte(UFC), France. UFC is one of the core universities, located in Besancon city in the east of France. UFC has been established for 600 years.

UFC is also famous for Micromachining and Microengineering through attached research institute CNRS/FEMTO-ST, which consists one of the five principal micro and nano fabrication centers network(RENATECH) in France.

Initially a visit of president Jacques Bahi was planned; due to the general strike actions in France that just occurred at that day, only Antoine Guillemet, director of international affairs, could visit us. From the faculty, Professor Yasushi Asami, vice-dean, Professor Yoshiaki Nakano, director of international affairs, Dr. Gilgueng Hwang, visiting researcher of the faculty of engineering (CNRS senior researcher), and Dr. Yoshio Mita of EEIS department attended at the meeting.

In the meeting, reviews on the past research exchanges through France-Japan international research laboratory (LIMMS, CNRS-UTokyo IIS) as well as long-term researcher exchange through Nanotechnology Platform and CNRS-RENATECH was effectuated and wish to positively continue such relationships was expressed.

Prof. Nakano, Gilgueng Hwang CNRS senior reseacher,  Mr Antoine Guillemet from UFC, Vice Dean Yasushi Asami, School of Engineering UTokyo, and Assoc. Prof. Yoshio Mita.