【Dean’s Recent News】

On October 23, 2019, Dean Okubo received a courtesy call by the delegates from the College of Science, National Chung Hing University.

The front row from the left: Dean Tatsuya Okubo and Dean Jerry Y.-T. Shih.
The second row from the left: Assistant Prof. Chen, Dr. Tsai, Prof. Lee, Prof. Chen, Prof. Kuo, Prof. Chung, Associate Prof. Chung and Ms. Huang

Professor Jerry Y.-T. Shih, Dean of College of Science
Assistant Professor Hong-Bing Chen, Department of Applied Mathematics
Dr. Yu-Li Tsai, an alumnus of NCHU and UTokyo
Professor Chin-Fa Lee, Chair of Department of Physics
Professor Kuen-Tsann Chen, Chair of Department of Applied Mathematics
Professor Warson Kuo, Chair of Department of Physics
Prof. Ming-Chiang Chung, Department of Physics
Associate Professor Duen-Yau Chuang, Department of Chemistry
Ms. Shu-Chuan Huang, Secretary, College of Science