Guidance material

Guidance Materials for 2021 April Entry Students

-Notices to Students(About the portal site, UTAS, class registration, academic calender and preparing of online classes)
-Handling of Student ID Cards
-Medical Check-ups for New Entry Students and Researchers *Information for Medical Questionnaires and reservations are here.
-Ethics Guidelines for Scientific Research(*There is an English version after the Japanese version.)
-Guidelines for Information Ethics and Computer Use

-The University of Tokyo Basic Rules on Compliance
-Insurance for injuries from accidents_1
-Insurance for injuries from accidents_2
-No Alcohol Harassment*Japanese version only.
-Prevention of Alcohol Accidents*Japanese version only.
-Guide to the Libraries
-Student Counseling Center
  Hongo Campus Consultation Facility Information
  【video*Japanese version only.】Consultation facility introduction
   * You can access it with your g.ecc account. When downloading, you will be warned that "Google Drive cannot scan this file for viruses", but this is not a problem, so please download as it is.
  【video*Japanese version only.】Faculty of Engineering Student Counseling Room
-3.31Campus Life Handbook-Hongo*Japanese version only.
-GOTENSHITA Memorial Arena(*Sports & Training Arena at Hongo Campus)
-Career Support Office
      3.31Career Support Office of UTokyo*Japanese version only.
      3.30【video*Japanese version only.】Career Support Office of Faculty of Engineering & Science
-University-wide Education Program*Japanese version only.

      Global Leadership Program for Social Design and Management(GSDM)