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Faculty of Engineering Homepage] Engineering Opens up the Future Tatsuya Okubo, School of Engineering Dean

Engineering includes an extensive academic system that covers from issues of basic science to challenges spanning overall scientific technology and the whole of society. Today's society is a society realized by advances in science and technology. Yet, the challenges of modern society are complicated, and involve many fields. For example, issues such as energy, the environment, resources, water, food and so on are entwined and have complex aspects. Examples of one control technology that causes other issues are too numerous to list. Currently, innovation is required in a variety of fields.

The School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo consists of 18 departments, 2 affiliated research facilities and 6 affiliated centers, has over 500 faculty members and is engaged in education and research around the clock. Around 2,000 master's degree students and about 1,000 doctoral degree students study engineering and conduct research. The School of Engineering consists of diverse and varied fields such as those that lead the development and deepening of basic science, through to those that strengthen industry and lead innovation, as well as those that open up new multidisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary fields. In addition to promoting outstanding research around the world in a wide range of fields, from the fundamental to applied, we produce talented individuals with a variety of high expertise and broad perspectives.

A variety of benchmarks identifies the research promoted by the School of Engineering as being globally ranked in the top group. By further developing such research, the School of Engineering aims to be the core for promoting innovation that breaks through difficulties in modern society.

In graduate school education, along with adopting Global COE Program and Program for Leading Graduate Schools conclusions and advancing the understanding of basic and specialized fields, we enrich programs that cultivate strong leadership, task setting, resolution and performance capabilities, a strong sense of ethics and communication skills. In addition, we promote the Bilingual Campus Initiative, strengthen overseas posts for students and the acceptance of international students, and promote the training of talented individuals who are capable of working around the globe.

Through the various social contributions this research and education will make, the School of Engineering has a large role in pioneering a future society. We are developing management and operation systems to realize this.

The School of Engineering, along with you, will be at the forefront of opening up the future.