On 11th September 2015, Mr. Takuma Sueoka, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, wins a Molecular Biosystems Award, in 9th Bio-related chemistry symposium.

Histone proteins, DNA and nuclear protein factors form a complex, which is called chromatin. Posttranslational modifications in histone proteins are the driving force of DNA transcription, DNA repair, and other important regulations. Elucidations of these mechanisms are highly expected in the field of molecular biology. Based on the above, we focused on the method using chemical synthesis through solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) and native chemical ligation (NCL). We established the route of total chemical synthesis of H2A. Acetylated lysine, methylated lysine, and phosphorylated serine were incorporated by using this synthesis route. In order to assess the effects of these modifications, various biochemical assays using the synthesized histone were demonstrated.