On 9th March 2020. Shinji Minato, School of Engineering, Department of Precision Engineering, received Dynamic Image Processing for Real Application Workshop 2020 (DIA2020) Research Encouragement Award

About awarded research
As concrete structures deteriorate rapidly, the need for automated inspection of concrete infrastructures is increasing. The hammering test is a popular method used in the field but lacks robustness against acoustic noise in outdoor environments, in which inspections are most often conducted in. In contrast, impact method, using a force sensor, is not affected by acoustic noise but the detection performance is lower for deep defects compared to hammering. Thus, we improved the detection performance of impact method by considering the visible defect position and the hit position obtained from a camera image in addition to the response of the force sensor. From the results of the experiment, the proposed method improved the defect detection performance, especially on the deep defect portion.

our impression & future plan
It is a great honor to be recipient of this award. I am most grateful to my supervisors for giving me a lot of valuable advice on this research.