On 8th August 2019,  Yuki Mori(D1), Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, won the best student award at SCEJ regional meeting in YOKOHAMA 2019.
It was given for the superior presentation at the student session at this symposium.

Title: Numerical investigation on powder mixing for ellipsoidal particles in a ribbon mixer

Particle mixing is often used in various fields, such as pharmaceutical engineering and food processing. In the experiment, we cannot get enough information to analyze particle mixing, so numerical simulation is often applied. In the numerical simulation of the granular system, much previous research was performed by assuming particles as spheres, although various shaped particles are used in the engineering field. Especially in particle mixing, there was little research by using non-spherical particles. Thus, the purpose of this research is analyzing the effect of particle shape on mixing behavior. In this research, we performed simulations of particle mixing in ribbon mixer by using ellipsoidal particles and signed distance function, which is used for arbitrarily shaped wall boundary modeling. As the result of numerical simulation, when particle bed height is low, the mixing degree of oblate particles is low, whereas when particle bed height is high, the mixing degree of oblate and prolate particles is low. To analyze these results, we use granular temperature for measuring the diffusion effect, and we obtain that when particle bed height is low, particle shape effects on the convection and shear effects, whereas when particle bed height is high, particle shape effects on diffusion term. Consequently, we revealed the mechanism of the effect of particle shape on particle mixing behavior.

It is my great honor to win this award. I really thank Prof. Mikio Sakai for his excellent supervision and I also thank all members of my laboratory. I will keep researching hard and try to improve our researches.