On 26th of March 2018, Kotaro Tamura (M1), Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, received Student Presentation Award from Computational Science and Engineering Division, Atomic Energy Society of Japan.

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The control of particle motions is a problem for the decommissioning of a nuclear power plant, and numerical simulation analysis of a gas-solid-liquid flow is required. The DEM-VOF method, which is combining the discrete element method (DEM) and volume of fluids (VOF), is one of the standard approaches for the gas-solid-liquid coupling simulation. Although this method is well-established, it has a problem is that the number of calculated particles is substantially restricted. In this study, we applied a coarse grain model of the DEM in a gas-solid-liquid flow. Adequacy of the coarse grain model was shown through some verification tests in a rotating cylinder, and the scaling law model could simulate the macroscopic properties of the large-scale particle motions in a gas-solid-liquid flow.

Kotaro Tamura (left on the pic below) says, "It is my great honor to win this award. I really appreciate Prof. Mikio Sakai for his excellent supervision, and I also thank all members of Sakai-Lab. I will devote myself to improving our research."