【Announcements】The 31th RACE colloquium, “Artifacts acceptable to human and society”

Date: 14:30—17:55, 16th Jan. 2018

Venue: The University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus Station Satellite, 1st floor Multipurpose Hall

Entrance Fee: free


When using artifacts (goods and services), establishment of desirable relationship between people and artifacts is of critical importance. This relationship is influenced by usability and individual preferences. Although preferences and easy-to-use of artifacts seemed to be acceptable for human and society, sometimes an excessive dependence of people on such artifacts can be found. An example of this issue is the use of mobile phone while driving. Both the mobile phone and the car are useful for people. However, their combined use often brings to significant hazards. Thus, artifacts are needed to be appropriately accepted from people and human. In this colloquium, we will invite researchers from different fields than engineering to talk about the relationship between human and artifacts and between society and artifacts. Furthermore, we will discuss on how artifacts can build a desirable relationship with human and society.

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