On 1St December 2016, Ms. Rin Minohara (M2), Visiting researcher Wen Wen, Mr. Shunsuke Hamasaki, Assistant professor Qi An, Associate Professor Yusuke Tamura, Senior Technical Specialist Hiroshi Yamakawa, Associate Professor Atsushi Yamashita, Professor Hajime Asama, Department of Precision Engineering, wins a Best Poster award at The 2016 International Symposium on Micro-Nano Mechatronics and Human Science (MHS2016) .

The award is provided to the authors whose presentation on the field of Micro-Nano-Mechatronics and Human Science was honorable.

Since Japan has entered a super-aged society, it is expected that paralyzed patients due to stroke will increase, so an efficient rehabilitation system should be constructed. To solve this problem, the feeling called the Sense of Agency (SoA) is now drawing attention. SoA is a cognitive feeling about sensory feedback caused by one’s action, a feeling that "sensory feedback has been caused by my action". Research is being actively pursued to clarify the mechanism of the SoA, aiming to make use of the findings in building a rehabilitation system.

Currently, the evaluation of the SoA is mostly done with subjective assessment, and there is a lack of knowledge of physiological indices that can objectively evaluate the generation of SoA. In our research, as a basic study to clarify the mechanism of the SoA, attention was focused on the element "prediction of sensory feedback", which constitutes the SoA. We tried to detect this prediction by physiological index. We used brain wave as a physiological index, designed experiments with different sensory feedback prediction conditions, and verified by brain wave measurement. As a result of experiment, the potential of the brain wave called “readiness potential” appeared differently depending on prediction conditions, and the possibility of detecting the “sensory feedback prediction” with brain wave was shown.



It is our pleasure to have this honorable award. Although I’ll graduate this March, I believe that my skills gained from research will help me work as a member of society.