On 15th December 2016, Mr. Koki Sano, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, wins a Excellent Poster presentation award at CSJ Chemistry Festa 2016.
This award is given for distinguished poster presenters at CSJ Poster Presentation 2016.

In nature, certain fish, such as neon tetra and blue damselfish, exhibit beautiful colors and change their colors in response to external stimuli.  These colors are called structural colors, which is derived from large periodicity composed of cofacially aligned plates of guanine crystal.  By controlling this ordered nanostructure, the fish modulate their structural color.  Here, we aimed to construct such a dynamic nanostructure by using an aqueous dispersion of inorganic nanosheets.  We focused on the electrostatic repulsion between nanosheets and realized to drastically enhance the electrostatic repulsion by deionization.  Therefore, nanosheets self-assemble to form a long-range ordered nanostructure with extralarge periodicity up to 675 nm in aqueous media.  Owing to their fluidic nature, we can easily modulate their structural color in response to external stimuli, such as heating or magnetic field.

I’m very honored to receive this award. I would like to thank Prof. Takuzo Aida and lab members.  I also would like to study harder for making further achievements.