On 12th November 2015, Mr. Takuya Ikeda, a 1st graduate student Department of Applied Chemistry, wins a CSJ Poster Presentation Award 2015 for Excellent Research.

Hydronium ions (H3O+) are thought to play an essential role in many chemical and biological reactions. However, H3O+ are not explained without contradiction to date.

There are research reports that were observed H3O+ in the crystal structure of the protein obtained by the neutron diffraction that can detect hydrogen. In this study,we inspect the presence of H3O+ and elucidate the condition of the stable presence of H3O+.



My comprehensible explanation and discussion with researchers result in this award. The award is my inspiration to do advanced research.

I am grateful to Prof. Hiroshi Ishikita and Lecturer Keisuke Saito for instruction of research, and to the members of the Ishikita laboratory.