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Shift current photovoltaic effect in a ferroelectric charge-transfer complex:Professor Masashi Kawasaki, Professor Yoshinori Tokura, Department of Applied Physics, and other researchers.

Shift current is a steady-state photocurrent generated in non-centrosymmetric single crystals and has been considered to be one of the major origins of the bulk photovoltaic effect. The mechanism of this effect is the transfer of photogenerated charges by the shift of the wave functions, and its amplitude is closely related to the polarization of the electronic origin. Here, we report the photovoltaic effect in an organic molecular crystal tetrathiafulvalene-p-chloranil with a large ferroelectric polarization mostly induced by the intermolecular charge transfer. We observe a fairly large zero-bias photocurrent with visible-light irradiation and switching of the current direction by the reversal of the polarization. Furthermore, we reveal that the travel distance of photocarriers exceeds 200 μm. These results unveil distinct features of the shift current and the potential application of ferroelectric organic molecular compounds for novel optoelectric devices.


Nature Communications: