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Photoinduced Demagnetization and Insulator-to-Metal Transition in Ferromagnetic Insulating BaFeO3 Thin Films : Associate Professor Hiroki Wadati, Institute for Solid State Physics and Professor Yoshinori Tokura, Department of Applied Physics , and other researchers.

We studied the electronic and magnetic dynamics of ferromagnetic insulating BaFeO3 thin films by using pump-probe time-resolved resonant x-ray reflectivity at the Fe 2p edge. By changing the excitation density, we found two distinctly different types of demagnetization with a clear threshold behavior. We assigned the demagnetization change from slow (~ 150 ps) to fast (< 70 ps) to a transition into a metallic state induced by laser excitation. These results provide a novel approach for locally tuning magnetic dynamics. In analogy to heat assisted magnetic recording, metallization can locally tune the susceptibility for magnetic manipulation, allowing to spatially encode magnetic information.

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