Faculty of Engineering Admissions Guidance

Department Introductions


Guidance materials for each department are posted. (Sometimes as, PDF files)


Department of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering deals with a variety of specialized fields related to human life, nature and society.
We aim to cultivate diverse, unique individuals who will take responsibility for the coming generation of civilization and environment.

⇒2019 Academic Year Guidance Material (Japanese)

⇒2020 Department of Civil Engineering Pamphlet (Japanese)


Department of Architecture

We aim to foster individuals with architectural and urban planning creativity who are capable of constructing anything from homes to towns.

⇒Guidance Material (Japanese)

⇒Department of Architecture Pamphlet (Japanese)


Department of Urban Engineering

To carefully consider “urban” is to think about “society” from a broad perspective. We foster a wide range of individuals, from urban “specialists” to social “generalists”.

⇒Department of Urban Engineering Pamphlet (Japanese)

⇒2020 Academic Year Admissions Guidance Pamphlet (Japanese)


Department of Mechanical Engineering

“Design, Energy, Dynamics” science and technology for society
 - The wisdom of practical science and the creation of new value -

⇒2020 Departmental Pamphlet (Japanese)

⇒2017 Academic Year Guidance Material (Japanese)


Department of Mechano-Informatics

“Knowing people, create robots. Making robots, come closer to humans.”
This department gives form to information, brings life to objects, and fosters individuals who create the future.

⇒2020 Departmental Pamphlet (Japanese)

⇒Admission information


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Aeronautics and Astronautics is a reservoir of unexplored technology.We create advanced technology and system integrated technology, and are involved in educational research.

⇒2020Guidance (Japanese)


Department of Precision Engineering

“Design society with RT (robot technology) and PT (pro technicians)”
The creative theme of our challenge is to design the future of humans and machines.

⇒ Forefront of precision engineering research(Japanese only)

⇒ Page related to admission selection(Japanese only)

⇒ 2021 Department Pamphlet(Japanese only)

⇒ 2020 guidance video(Japanese only)

⇒ 2020 guidance materials(Japanese only)

Department of Information and Communication Engineering

“Computational Intelligence × Communication × Media Design” Knowing people, thinking computers, designing a bridge between them.
* Guidance materials are shared jointly with the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

⇒Advanced Research Talk (Japanese)

⇒Departmental Curriculum Introduction (Japanese)

⇒2019 Academic Year Department Pamphlet (Japanese)


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

“Environment and Energy × Nano Physics × Electronic and Optical Systems” from the global environment to nanotechnology, design the future of society and mankind. * Guidance materials are shared jointly with the Department of Information and Communication Engineering.

⇒Departmental Curriculum Introduction (Japanese)

⇒Department Pamphlet (Japanese)


Department of Applied Physics

From the headwaters of science to the torrent of engineering, people with passion and dreams gather.
The science frontier of the 21st century

⇒2021 Academic Year Departmental Guidance Book (Japanese)

⇒2021 Academic Year Guidance Material (Japanese)


Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics

Based on a foundation of mathematics, physics and information concepts, and impartial to any given field, our goal is to propose universal concepts and principles that are the basis of science and technology as well as to provide systematic methodologies.

⇒2021 Academic Year Guidance Material (Japanese)

⇒2020 Academic Year Departmental Pamphlet (Japanese)


Department of Materials Engineering

“Integrated engineering will pioneer into the future.” Based on materials common to all engineering, new horizons will open up in a variety of fields.

⇒2021Academic Year Pamphlet (Japanese)

⇒Student life (from the guidance book (Japanese))

⇒2021 Academic Year Guidance Material (Japanese)


Department of Applied Chemistry

“The 21st century is the age of new applied chemistry”
The Department of Applied Chemistry provides education to hone the fundamental sense of chemistry through organically coordinated “lectures” and “experiments”, and addresses a broad range of advanced chemistry-based research themes.

⇒2021 Academic Year Guidance Material (Japanese)


Department of Chemical System Engineering

In response to actual issues, the department is able to use systematic chemistry-based thought to demonstrate its problem solving vision, and aims to make real-time contributions to society.

⇒2020 Academic Year Department Introduction Pamphlet (Japanese)

⇒2021 Academic Year Guidance  (Japanese)


Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology

The fusion of “chemistry” and “biotechnology” opens a new domain
―Innovation brought about by the related fields of medical treatment, the environment, and energy―

⇒2019 Academic Year Guidance Material (Japanese)

⇒Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology


Department of Systems Innovation

The reconstruction and integration of “knowledge” is the aim of systems innovation
―The challenge facing new engineering education―