UTokyo Techno Science Cafe is designed to engage young generations to various fields of Engineering.
This is the 26th UTokyo Techno Science Cafe, The 26th UTokyo Techno Science Cafe, "How to make easy to escape town - Let's think about using evacuation science - " offered by Associate Prof. U Hiroi from Department of Urban Engineering.
Anyone who is interested in this topic, please join us.

When: 10/7/2017 (Sat) 14:00 - 17:00
Where: The University of Tokyo, Building 14, Room 142 (Hongo Campus)

Session 1: Mini lecture on urban disaster prevention
Session 2: Workshop on Disaster Town Planning

Lecturer: Associate Prof. U Hiroi

Age: 5th grade - Junior high school
Capacity: 30 students
Things to bring: Writing materials
Registration fee: Free
Note: If the number of applicants reached to 30 students, it will be decided by lot.
1 student per 1 guardian can come in this event. Please be aware that the guardian is basically observe this event.
Please ware clothes that can get dirty.

Apply: Closed

Deadline: 9/27/2017

Contact: The University of Tokyo, School of Engineering, Office of Public Relations
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