Professor Shinobu YOSHIMURA received the IACM Fellows Award


Professor Shinobu YOSHIMURA, Department of System Innovation, received the IACM Fellows Award.

IACM (International Association for Computational Mechanics) is the world’s largest and leading academic association in the field of computational mechanics.  This award recognizes individuals with a distinguished record of research, accomplishment and publication in areas of computational mechanics and demonstrated support of the IACM through membership and participation in the Association, its meetings and activities.


yosimura_02.JPGのサムネール画像Professor Shinobu Yoshimura has been working on High-performance and Intelligent Computational Mechanics with Real World’s Applications for 25 years. Among his wide research activities, the most distinguished and well-recognized achievement is the R&D of the advanced parallel finite element analysis software known as ADVENTURE system since 1997. 
The ADVENTURE system is very unique open source CAE software that enables very precise analyses of practical structures and machines using over 100 million to one billion DOF mesh. Those analyses can be performed very efficiently and easily not only on ordinary PC clusters, but also on latest massively parallel computers such as the Earth simulator, Blue Gene/L and the K-computer.



I would like to continue the research on developing large scale and parallel multi-physics simulator, which is to be a powerful tool to establish environmentally conscious and safe society.