International Satellite Design Project (ISDP) "ARETHUSA" team achieves success in the Satellite Design Contest


A team of UTokyo students recently participated in the 28th Satellite Design Contest finals.  Following the final review on 31st October 2020, the team was awarded both the Astronomical Society of Japan Prize, and the Idea Section Grand Prize. 

Dan Padilha, Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics, 2nd-year Master Course (Kawaguchi Lab)
Daigo Takasaki,Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics, 1st-year Master Course (Koizumi Lab)
Atsuhiro Gomi, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics, 3rd-year Undergraduate Course
They were joined by Takaya Nakamura (Tokyo University of Science) and Chung Yu Woo (The University of Hong Kong).

〈Name and short explanation about the award〉
Idea Section Grand Prize: Awarded to the best entry in the Idea Section of the Satellite Design Contest.
Astronomical Society of Japan Prize: Awarded to a Satellite Design Contest entry which aligns well with the Society's areas of interest.

〈About awarded research/activity〉
he team designed a novel concept for lunar lava tube exploration using an innovative ropeway system, called "ARETHUSA". The team entered the concept into the 28th Satellite Design Contest, and was one of only four entrants in their category to proceed to the final round of judging.
The video below showcases a model of the ARETHUSA concept, which the students constructed for the contest.


〈About ISDP〉
ISDP is a sub-project offered to UTokyo undergraduate and graduate students under the "Creativity Engineering Project" course. ISDP is administered by Project Assistant Professor Matt Richardson and Professor Shuichi Rokugawa (Global Initiatives Team, Institute for Innovation in International Engineering Education). ISDP gives students from all departments an opportunity to participate in an English-language engineering team project. Participants can gain experience in space mission design, systems engineering and international communication & teamwork.

Participants can also compete in the Satellite Design Contest (

For more information, contact isdp.seut [at mark]