Young Faculty:Associate Professor Motoki Yasuhara


Young Faculty / 038


Associate Professor Motoki Yasuhara, Yasuhara lab, Department of Architecture


1996: B.Eng., Department of Architecture, The University of Tokyo
1998: M.Eng., Department of Architecture, The University of Tokyo
1998-2007: Architect, Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop
2008-: co-founder/ principal architect, SALHAUS
2011-2018: Associate professor, Tokyo University of Science
2018-: Associate professor, The University of Tokyo

<About the Research>
Specializing in architectural design, I am working in both practice and theoretical research on the fields below,
- Design methods of public buildings, especially large-scale wooden buildings
- Renovation designing methods for existing buildings
- Planning techniques and activity analysis of public spaces
In recent years, wood construction is a field where there is a high expectation for the development of new architectural space and expression that utilizes regional resources. The possibility of new space is being opened up by using wood, which is “weak” material.
Meanwhile, renovation designing methods are an essential technology for the more mature development of the modern city, which already owns a massive amount of spatial stock.
In our laboratory, while developing such design methods, we are actively arguing about the coming architecture of modern society.

Photo: ” Ofunato Fire Station Sumita Precinct” all of the structure of which is made entirely of timber, including joints.

<Future aspirations>
Coronavirus pandemics may accelerate the transformation of various building types, like houses, offices, schools, and so on. As an architectural expert, I will continue to develop new spatial models for the coming era, while figuring out the parts that change and those that do not.

Yasuhara lab: