Shumpei Kikuta(M2), Department of Systems Innovation, received Best oral presentation award at Complex Networks 2019


On 12th December 2019, Shumpei Kikuta(M2), Toriumi labo, Department of Systems Innovation, received Best oral presentation award at  Complex Networks 2019.
This award is sent to the researcher who made the best presentation.



<About awarded research>
Discovering the roles of nodes in a network is important for solving various social issues.
Role discovery aims to infer nodes' roles from a network structure, and it has received considerable attention recently.
The conventional methods of role discovery mainly use unsupervised learning, but due to the lack of information, it is difficult to discover the roles we want or to ascertain the results.
In this paper, we attempt to improve accuracy through using supervised information.
Specifically, we adopt transfer learning using adversarial learning.
As a result of computational experiments, we show that the proposed model discovers a node's role more effectively than do the conventional methods.
Furthermore, we found that domain-invariant features lead to higher accuracy, the proposed method discovers roles better even with different network sizes, and the proposed method works well even if the networks have nodes of various structures.


<Your impression & future plan>
I am honored to win such a wonderful award.
I will make an effort to improve this research to apply the proposed method to real-world datasets.