Research Associate Hideya Fukushima received “Yamada Kazuie Award” for The Maeda Engineering Foundation


“Yamada Kazuie Award” from The Maeda Engineering Foundation to Research Associate Hideya Fukushima .

Research Associate Fukushima’s doctoral dissertation “A Study on the Modern Transformation of Settlement Spaces and the Formation of Communal Territories in Yamanakako Village: Toward the Development of a Theory of Living Space Planning in Consideration of Community Features” was selected as “Doctoral thesis which is novel and creative, and considered to be useful in the future” by the Maeda Engineering Foundation. He received “Yamada Kazuie Award” on May 31, 2019.

In the dissertation, he aimed at developing a theory for planning of living space with a consideration on community feature, which have endured modern transformation of spatial character during a time of national land and regional developments as well as industrial changes. Furthermore he tries to design public space of landscape through substantial cooperation with local people in a process of planning.



Preparing the book to be published based on his doctoral study, it’s great honor to be awarded in devoting himself to research and practice to revitalize local areas throughout Japan. Research Associate Fukushima appreciates continued guidance and encouragement from all.




Maeda Engineering Foundation