Hu Peidong (D2), Department of Chemical System Engineering, received the GSC poster award


On 25th June 2019, Hu Peidong(D2), Department of Chemical System Engineering, received the GSC poster award. At the JACI/GSC (Japan Association for Chemical Innovation/Green and Sustainable Chemistry) symposium, a poster presentation on GSC is held.
The researchers under 35 years old who give outstanding presentations are awarded.



<About awarded research>

Title: Synthesis of MFI-Type Zincosilicate Zeolites with High Zinc Content Using Mechanochemically Treated Si-Zn Oxide Composite: Modification of zeolites by the incorporation of divalent Zn in the silicate framework is attracting extensive attention because it results in higher anionic charge density and creates new active acid sites. However, it is a great challenge to incorporate Zn into the framework of highly siliceous MFI-type zeolites without Al.
In this study, ball milling, a mechanochemical method, was employed to prepare Si-Zn oxide composites from mixtures of fumed silica and ZnO as the starting materials for the zeolite synthesis. The dispersion of Zn on an atomic level inside the silica matrix was realized by mechanical forces. Then, the Si-Zn oxide composites were subjected to hydrothermal treatment to synthesize MFI-type zincosilicate zeolites with high Zn contents but negligible Al impurity. The successful incorporation of Zn into the zeolite framework was confirmed by several characterization techniques. Co2+ ion exchange experiments showed the superior selectivity and capacity of MFI-type zincosilicate zeolites for divalent cations as compared with those of aluminosilicate analogs.


<Your impression & future plan>
It is a great honor for me to receive the poster award in this grand gathering. This is an appreciation and encouragement to me. All the people who contributed to this work are greatly appreciated. I will spare no effort in conducting the following researches.