Associate Professor Hirokazu Sugiyama received the Particle Design Award


Associate Professor Hirokazu Sugiyama, Department of Chemical System Engineering, received the Particle Design Award.An award given to a prominent contribution for the pharmaceutical development, technology, and process engineering.



<About awarded research>
In the awarded research, a multiobjective and practical methodology was developed for designing drug product manufacturing processes. The degree of freedom in process design is increasing in the field of drug product manufacturing along with the technology innovations, such as continuous manufacturing or single-use equipment. At the shop floors, simultaneous consideration on quality, economy, environment and safety aspects is needed.
Thus in the research, models were developed that can answer questions as "how to design the optimal process considering new technology alternatives?", or "where to scrutinize the process for improving the efficiency?" The execution procedures of the developed models were presented as the methodology.


<Your impression & future plan>

I am very honored to receive the award for the work where the students, staff members, and industrial/academic collaborators contributed as a team.
I will continue keeping up my research.