Kenji Yasuda (at the time research), Department of Applied Physics, earned President's award (Category: Academic Achievement, doctoral students)


Presentation Ceremony for the University of Tokyo President's Award was held at Koshiba Hall on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Kenji Yasuda, Department Applied Physics (at the time research), received President's award (Category: Academic Achievement) from President Gonokami.


President’s Award is given to excellent students who redound to the honor of the University of Tokyo by making their significant achievements in the category of academic, extracurricular, and social activities as a role model for other students.





<About awarded research>

The present research has found novel physical properties and functionalities on magnetic topological insulators, a newly found class of materials. Focusing on the strong correlation between electricity and magnetism in magnetic topological insulators, which is otherwise extremely tiny, I discovered current-direction-dependent nonreciprocal resistance, current-induced magnetization reversal and chiral edge conduction at the domain wall. I also elucidated the origin of these phenomena and deepened the understanding of the topologically nontrivial electronic state. Presently, all these phenomena are realized only at extremely low temperatures. I am conducting further research for a high-temperature realization aiming at future applications as low-energy-consuming devices.

I am deeply honored to receive this great award. I would like to express my special appreciation to my advisor Professor Yoshinori Tokura, all the members of the research group and collaborators.


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