Message from the Dean



Welcome from the Dean
Engineering: Designing Dreams and Shaping the Future

Takao Someya
Dean of the School of Engineering


Welcome to the School of Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering!
Engineering is an academic discipline in which new technologies and ideas are crafted for the advancement of the health, welfare, and security of humankind. Engineering is a field that is in a constant state of flux; it has been continuously evolving to meet the changing demands of society, since it was established as Technical College of Imperial University in 1886.


The issues facing society today, such as discrimination, poverty, climate change, and the “super-aging population,” are increasingly complex and are proving difficult to address. Putting sustainability first, we value earth’s limited resources, protect and nurture the global commons, and lead the transformation into a society that does not burden the environment. At the same time, we help to realize an inclusive society that respects human diversity and celebrates individuality.


Engineering is an academic discipline in which new technologies and ideas are crafted for the advancement of the health, welfare, and security of humankind. Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo consists of 16 departments, while School of Engineering consists of 18 departments, 11 affiliated facilities (2 institutes, 9 centers). There are approximately 540 faculty members and 220 stuff who are engaged in education and research of engineering. The numbers of undergraduate, master's degree, and doctoral degree students are approximately 2,200, 2,300 and 1,100, respectively. By promoting diversity, supporting young researchers, and linking knowledge across different fields, we will strive for excellence in engineering research and endeavor to create value in a knowledge-intensive society.


To meet the demands of society, it is necessary to modernize engineering training. By balancing tradition with innovation in engineering, we will provide the best educational opportunity to nurture deep expertise and entrepreneurship. Students will be trained to possess a global outlook and public perspective so as to grow into knowledge professionals and innovation leaders. By incorporating e-learning and active learning techniques, we will cultivate an educational environment where students can engage with areas of interest while ensuring balance in their studies. In addition, we will also enhance its postgraduate education offerings such as recurrent education and lifelong learning programs as well as promote the acceptance of graduate doctoral holders already in the workforce in order to cultivate new relationships between society and academia.


We will commit the world’s highest level of engineering education and research to the service of the global community in the march toward sustainable living. With strengthened research infrastructure, diversified financial resources, and modernized rules, we will carry out world-class engineering research over longer timeframes made possible in an academic environment.


We invite you to join us and open new doors to the future together.